Dogs eating things they shouldn’t

Oopsy – forgot to shut kitchen cupboard securely and Matt the labrador sneaked in and nicked a bag of pizza mix – while his friend Flora the Dandie ( who had taught him this trick ) stole a luckily empty box of toblerone ( someone had left it there with the empty box just pretending  that  there was some left ha ha ) – they are so naughty but … all the same we woudnt be without them …… only sometimes when Morag the toerag does a whoopsy under the ironing table and you stand in it in your bare feet – yeuch !!!!


still on the subject of foreign body eating dogs – did anybody see the xray of the dog that had eaten a toy car – was in Scotsman on saturday – the joke was- was it a corgi ?? the dog was fine but would think all toy cars would be removed from the vicinity !

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