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Shot cat !

Another poor cat been shot – this time in livingston – jones green  a .22 rifle been used :((((( Poor matt the labrador – his blood results are back and has Cushings disease –???? it is amazing how lightning strikes twice – same owner had another dog with the same condition – but now at […]

Poor wee cat!

This wee cat was brought in as and emergency at the weekend – he had been shot not once but twice with an airgun – one of the pellets is in his brain ! this is the second cat in a month from Armadale west lothian that has been shot the previous one has had […]

Miracle dog

Wasn’t it great to see that wee dog coming out from the destroyed house !! everybody was crying ….. it must be dogs and cats are naughtier when it is windy !! Aside April 24, 2013 we have had some lovely pups in today !! on another subject – foreign bodies re-visited – one of […]

Odd things dogs eat

Don’t dogs eat the oddest of things – Morag the naughty Dandie D has just stolen and scoffed a raw potato – this is the wee dog that could be offered all the best dog nosh in the world but decides she likes raw tatties !! she hasnt read the nutrition books ! her mother […]

Dogs eating things they shouldn’t

Oopsy – forgot to shut kitchen cupboard securely and Matt the labrador sneaked in and nicked a bag of pizza mix – while his friend Flora the Dandie ( who had taught him this trick ) stole a luckily empty box of toblerone ( someone had left it there with the empty box just pretending […]

Curiosity Almost Killed the Cat

Every so often in Veterinary practice, a case comes along that just makes you say Wow! That’s amazing! On Valentine’s day this year, one such case occurred involving Socks the curious kitten. Now Socks is only eight weeks old so everything he does is rather new. Like most kittens he’s born with all these pre-programmed […]