Having not seen a case of Distemper for about 20 years …bit of a concern when the vet record published a letter from a vet in Leicester saying he had recently seen a few cases …it is a bit like the measles story with children…if the percentage of vaccinated people/ dogs drops below a certain number the disease reappears ……so it is vital to keep vaccinating against this horrible disease

Vomiting and diarrhea bug

there seems to be a wee tummy bug going about …vomiting first then diarr???? more frequently in Bathgate area but we have seen a few cases in Livingston …. any worries call the surgery for advice /appointment etc

Shot cat !

Another poor cat been shot – this time in livingston – jones green  a .22 rifle been used :(((((

Poor matt the labrador – his blood results are back and has Cushings disease –???? it is amazing how lightning strikes twice – same owner had another dog with the same condition – but now at least the treatment isnt as difficult to manage 🙂