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Curiosity Almost Killed the Cat

Every so often in Veterinary practice, a case comes along that just makes you say Wow! That’s amazing!

On Valentine’s day this year, one such case occurred involving Socks the curious kitten. Now Socks is only eight weeks old so everything he does is rather new. Like most kittens he’s born with all these pre-programmed hunting moves like ‘pounce’ and ‘swipe’, but you’d think he’d need some practice before actually catching anything. It seems Socks was a bit of a prodigy when it comes to hunting. He spied a mouse, and the mouse looked good. He crouched, he pounced, he had the mouse in his jaws! Socks thinks ‘what now?’ there was nobody to ask, and he dare not let go. Bite, chew, swallow, gulp, choke, swallow, choke. Is this what hunting success feels like? I don’t feel so good.
By the time Socks arrived at the practice he was definitely…

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