New Tumour Vaccine…

Riverside Vets are the first Scottish vets practice to offer a pioneering new tumour treatment

It’s a sad fact that cancer is as common a disease for our pets as it is in humans. One in two dogs over the age of ten will develop cancer, and whilst cats are statistically less likely to suffer from the disease, feline forms of cancer are generally more aggressive than those in canines. Dealing with cancer in a beloved pet can be as heart-breaking as with a human friend, and vets are dedicated to doing all they can in the fight against cancer in all its forms.

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lachlan’s progress

wee Lachlan been on his cushing meds for 2 weeks now ..he is feeling a bit less thirsty now???? he has stopped panting and now sleeping all night ….snoring in fact . They are all missing their old friend Matt though????


Having not seen a case of Distemper for about 20 years …bit of a concern when the vet record published a letter from a vet in Leicester saying he had recently seen a few cases …it is a bit like the measles story with children…if the percentage of vaccinated people/ dogs drops below a certain number the disease reappears ……so it is vital to keep vaccinating against this horrible disease

Vomiting and diarrhea bug

there seems to be a wee tummy bug going about …vomiting first then diarr???? more frequently in Bathgate area but we have seen a few cases in Livingston …. any worries call the surgery for advice /appointment etc

Electric cigarettes

Poor wee puppy —poisoned by eating an e- cigarette– nicotine poisoning – reported in vet new this week —keep them out of inquisitive pups reach !!

Shot cat !

Another poor cat been shot – this time in livingston – jones green  a .22 rifle been used :(((((

Poor matt the labrador – his blood results are back and has Cushings disease –???? it is amazing how lightning strikes twice – same owner had another dog with the same condition – but now at least the treatment isnt as difficult to manage 🙂

x-ray of buba - riverside vets livingstone & bathgate

Poor wee cat!

This wee cat was brought in as and emergency at the weekend – he had been shot not once but twice with an airgun – one of the pellets is in his brain ! this is the second cat in a month from Armadale west lothian that has been shot the previous one has had to have extensive reconstructive surgery to his leg???? they should be banned

Miracle dog

Wasn’t it great to see that wee dog coming out from the destroyed house !! everybody was crying …..

we have had some lovely pups in today !! on another subject – foreign bodies re-visited – one of the surgery puppies had been on and off sick for a week or so then brought up a largish piece of his toy that had gone missing two months ago – how lucky was that !!!!


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