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Keep your cat fit for all nine lives – Life No. 1 Flea control

It’s an unfortunate fact but fleas just love cats. Those of us that choose to share our homes with cats face the risk that our feline friends will bring fleas into our homes. Unchecked fleas can breed at an alarming rate. An adult flea can live for 3 months and produce dozens of eggs every day.

Adult fleas will jump on any warm blooded creature in the house to bite and feed on their blood. So that’s you, your family and your dog getting irritating bites as well as the cat. Fleas lay little white eggs which you won’t see, and pass little black flea poo called flea dirt that you will see as black dust in your cat’s coat (see the image below). The carpets, soft furnishings and crevices of our homes quckly become filled with flea eggs and the developmental stages of the flea life cycle, the larvae…

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Odd things dogs eat

Don’t dogs eat the oddest of things – Morag the naughty Dandie D has just stolen and scoffed a raw potato – this is the wee dog that could be offered all the best dog nosh in the world but decides she likes raw tatties !! she hasnt read the nutrition books ! her mother Flora is not quite so odd as she does dog food however will steal peppers from the veggie box !

Dogs eating things they shouldn’t

Oopsy – forgot to shut kitchen cupboard securely and Matt the labrador sneaked in and nicked a bag of pizza mix – while his friend Flora the Dandie ( who had taught him this trick ) stole a luckily empty box of toblerone ( someone had left it there with the empty box just pretending  that  there was some left ha ha ) – they are so naughty but … all the same we woudnt be without them …… only sometimes when Morag the toerag does a whoopsy under the ironing table and you stand in it in your bare feet – yeuch !!!!

still on the subject of foreign body eating dogs – did anybody see the xray of the dog that had eaten a toy car – was in Scotsman on saturday – the joke was- was it a corgi ?? the dog was fine but would think all toy cars would be removed from the vicinity !

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Curiosity Almost Killed the Cat

Every so often in Veterinary practice, a case comes along that just makes you say Wow! That’s amazing!

On Valentine’s day this year, one such case occurred involving Socks the curious kitten. Now Socks is only eight weeks old so everything he does is rather new. Like most kittens he’s born with all these pre-programmed hunting moves like ‘pounce’ and ‘swipe’, but you’d think he’d need some practice before actually catching anything. It seems Socks was a bit of a prodigy when it comes to hunting. He spied a mouse, and the mouse looked good. He crouched, he pounced, he had the mouse in his jaws! Socks thinks ‘what now?’ there was nobody to ask, and he dare not let go. Bite, chew, swallow, gulp, choke, swallow, choke. Is this what hunting success feels like? I don’t feel so good.
By the time Socks arrived at the practice he was definitely…

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