Don’t take the risk of losing your pet forever – make sure they’re microchipped

As of April 2016, all dog owners are to have their pets microchipped by law.  Although not a legal requirement many cat, rabbit or ferret owners also have their pets microchipped.

A microchip is the size of a single grain of rice, but could be the essential link that reunites you with your pet if they ever stray a little too far from home. This is beneficial not only in terms of the emotional stress it relieves, but also ensures that your pet receives treatment quickly if they are ill or have been injured.

Microchips are inserted almost painlessly between your pet’s shoulder blades, and embed into the surrounding tissue which keeps them in place.

Each chip carries a unique number which, when scanned, identifies your pet on the National Chipworks database. This information is stored securely alongside your name and contact details, so that you can be informed if your pet is found wandering on their own.

At the time your pet is chipped, you will be required to pay a small one-off fee. After that all you have to do is remember to update your contact details if they ever change (e.g. if you move house or change you telephone number or email address), to make sure your furry friend is easily identifiable if they are ever separated from you.

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