Homeopathy Info Guide

What is homeopathy?

The practice of homeopathy has existed for centuries, and is based on the idea that healing should work on a ‘like for like’ basis.

This means that homeopathic remedies employ a combination of plant and mineral extracts to help heal pets.

How does this work?

These medicines are made up of smaller elements of substances that would normally trigger the onset of particular illnesses, and are designed to stimulate the body’s natural defences. It’s a similar process to being vaccinated from a disease, slowly building up an immunity and, in turn, a stronger immune system.

How will homeopathy be used on my pet?

To ensure that your pet receives the correct medicine, we’ll use a single remedy at a time and examine its effect. If it has no effect, we’ll try another. The remedies themselves are orally administered and easily digestible.

When would you recommend trying homeopathy for pets?

Homeopathy can be useful for any number of situations, and can help a wide range of illnesses. We’ll recommend it whenever we feel it will be beneficial to your pet.

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