Help your puppy grow into a confident, friendly and obedient dog with our puppy classes

It’s important that your young puppy is able to interact with other dogs from an early age, as well as starting to learn basic commands. What’s more, exposing your puppy to other dogs and people from an early stage in their life will help them become a confident, well-mannered companion as well as minimising future behavioural problems. For this reason we hold weekly Puppy Socialisation Classes (“Puppy Parties”) at our practice, for puppies between 12 weeks and 18 wks.

As soon as your puppy has had their second vaccination you are invited to attend our classes on Wednesday at Livingston or Thursday at Bathgate from 7 till 8pm at both.

During the session you and your puppy can look forward to learning and playing in a relaxed and secure environment.

A variety of exercises and information is covered in each session, including:

Play and exercise

Handling and examining your puppy


Basic training- how to start

Dog Law- your responsibilities

First Aid

Common puppy problems; play-biting, toilet training, etc

The session is run by our qualified canine behaviourist. You will therefore have access to extensive knowledge on health, training, behaviour, nutrition and general care and they will be happy to offer any help or guidance you may need.

Bringing your puppy in to the practice regularly for fun sessions of play, rewards and training should also help to get them used to our team and surroundings. This in turn helps them feel more comfortable when they attend appointments with us in the future.

Please call us on 01506 437096 for more information or to book a place.

Simply give us a call for more information or to make an appointment.

You can reach us at

Livingston on 01506 437096   –  Bathgate on 01506 634176 

Armadale on 01501 640492