At Riverside we provide a direct claim service to most insurance providers for our clients. Direct claims means your Insurer pays Riverside directly and you only need to pay the excess and any elements that your insurance wont cover.

Thank you for insuring your pet, in order to ensure swift processing we would like you to observe the Riverside Veterinary Practice insurance guidelines below.

  1. We require a copy of your insurance certificate, this will confirm the details that we require from your insurance company and will also advise us of the insurance excesses.*
  2. Staff at Riverside can only provide guidance on your insurance they cannot advise what you are and are not insured for. This is something you must discuss with your insurers.
  3. Please advise the date of initial cover.  If you have changed insurance companies  you will need to provide a new certificate.
  4. All Excess payments are to be paid on first consult, this is per condition per year. (please note that some insurers differ on this)
  5. Forms are to be handed in 7 working days after the initial visit for that condition. If forms are not received, you will automatically receive hastener letters for the outstanding bills.
  6. The owners section of the forms must be completed in whole and forms received that are not fully completed will be returned , causing a delay to your claim and to payment to the practice.
  7. Any direct claims that are rejected by the insurance company are to be paid within 21 days.
  8. Pets who have lifelong conditions, will need to submit a form 1-2mths for repeat claims.
  9. You will be requested to sign and date that you have understood the above on initial receipt of a claim form.

Click here to download our Insurance form
*Please read through your paperwork as excess amounts vary depending on insurance company and level of cover you have chosen.

If you have any specific questions about your Insurance please contact your Insurance provider, additionally we are happy to answer questions on the progress of any current claims.

Simply give us a call for more information or to make an appointment.

You can reach us at

Livingston on 01506 437096   –  Bathgate on 01506 634176 

Armadale on 01501 640492