Improve your pet’s health as well as preventing unwanted surprises

Many pet owners may be under the impression that the only purpose of neutering an animal is to prevent them from reproducing.  There are also several other benefits to having your pet spayed or castrated.

Unless you plan to breed from your pet, having them neutered is often considered the most responsible course of action. Unexpected litters can be time-consuming to look after and are also expensive when food, bedding, toys and healthcare are added into the mix!

There are also several health benefits to your pet. Neutered females are less

likely to develop mammary tumours and certain cancers and will no longer come ‘into season’ which eliminates bleeding and unwanted male attention. Neutered males are less likely to develop testicular tumours or prostate problems and will also display less aggressive mating behaviour, including roaming and ‘spraying’.

The neutering process is a straightforward surgical procedure done under general anaesthetic. In many cases, your pet will be able to return home to you later the same day, following a short period of recovery under the watchful eye of our veterinary nurses.

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