Fireworks over a city

Bonfire Night – how to keep your pet safe

There’s no greater sensation than heading out on an autumn evening and watching the sky light up in a panoply of colours…

But while we all love Bonfire Night, your pet will be less than thrilled.

Whether you own a cat, dog, fluffy rabbit or hamster, you’re going to have to make sure that your pet is safe on this evening of chaotic noises and mysterious colours.

Don’t know how to protect them? Then read on for expert advice.

1. Keep your pet indoors

Your cat probably enjoys prowling the perimeter of your garden for mice and other critters, and there’s nothing your dog loves more than a long walk through the park.

But on Bonfire Night, these leisurely activities will likely strike fear into your pets.

If you have an outdoor cat, make sure it stays indoors on the big day. And give your dog a long walk early in the day to ensure it doesn’t grow restless in the evening.

The same goes for any pet that traditionally likes the great outdoors – keep them inside to keep them safe.

Make a safe space

Cats, dogs, rabbits – they’ve probably all got favourite parts of your home where they love to hide, whether it’s under your bed or behind your settee.

Make sure those parts of your home are easily accessible to your pets on Bonfire Night, and kit them out with blankets or snacks to take their mind off the sounds outside.

This will be their comfort space for the evening if they need a place to hide.

3. Comfort them

You might want to watch the fireworks display in your local area, but there should ideally be at least one person in your home to comfort your pet if they need it.

Dogs, especially, will need a little extra TLC while explosions are blasting in the sky. Be there for them in their time of need.

4. Muffle the sound of fireworks

Even easily frightened animals can be distracted by other sounds in your house. So, to muffle the sound of fireworks, keep your windows shut and switch your television or radio on all evening.

In extreme cases of firework phobia, an animal behaviourist can give your pet treatment – get in touch with us to learn more.