Try our broad range of alternative therapies – getting your pet healthy the alternative way

We’ve been finessing our services here at Riverside Veterinary Practice, and we love telling you about them.

For this blog we’ll be focusing on the alternative therapies we provide for your pet, ensuring they have a healthier and happier quality of life.

These alternative therapies have been known to boost the immune system, and could even resolve an illness completely.

Our main alternative therapies are:

Homeopathy – with the aim of helping your pet’s natural body defense mechanism, our homeopathic treatments use a combination of natural plant and mineral extracts to give the immune system of your pet a profound boost.

Acupuncture – an ancient practice that’s been used in the east for thousands of years, acupuncture involves inserting very fine needles into pressure points, stimulating natural healing and pain relief.

Laser therapy – treating a wide variety of chronic and acute conditions, laser therapy involves pointing a laser beam on an inflamed area, stimulating cells and aiding regeneration.

For more information, visit our Alternative Therapies page by clicking here where you can find some info guides on each of the therapies.

Each of our alternative therapies are delivered with the care and compassion you’d expect from us. So if you’d like expert a broad range of services, get in touch or visit us in your local practice.