Try our broad range of alternative therapies – getting your pet healthy the alternative way

We’ve been finessing our services here at Riverside Veterinary Practice, and we love telling you about them.

For this blog we’ll be focusing on the alternative therapies we provide for your pet, ensuring they have a healthier and happier quality of life.

These alternative therapies have been known to boost the immune system, and could even resolve an illness completely.

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New Things

We are all excited about our new ultrasound machine ..and desperate to scan out first pregnancy diagnosis as the definition is amazing

dog in vets surgery bathgate and livingston

Rescued dogs

What a lovely dog we had in yesterday .. he was rescued in Greece .. he is a flock protecting dog .. instead of zooming about herding he lies low and guards ????

Lost dog

This Staffie was found at Craigshill, Beattie Campus today. Sadly no chip was detected to help find its owner. Do you recognise it, or know someone who is looking for their furry friend. If so please contact Riverside Vets at Livingston.


Remember a few weeks ago we had posted about a wee cat that had been handed in …His owner found him and now a few weeks later he is well on the way to a full recovery …he had a fractured jaw and a broken leg …he has all been put together and when he was in yesterday he said it was ok to take his picture smile emoticon we have had a long chat with him as he only has 6 lives left now ..he has been on adventures before !! Charlie …

new diets at riverside vets

We have  a new range of dog and cat foods at the surgery ..Farmina diets they are either grain free and low grain and certainly my four dogs just love it and they seem to be more energetic and even best of all do less poo :))

New Tumour Vaccine…

Riverside Vets are the first Scottish vets practice to offer a pioneering new tumour treatment

It’s a sad fact that cancer is as common a disease for our pets as it is in humans. One in two dogs over the age of ten will develop cancer, and whilst cats are statistically less likely to suffer from the disease, feline forms of cancer are generally more aggressive than those in canines. Dealing with cancer in a beloved pet can be as heart-breaking as with a human friend, and vets are dedicated to doing all they can in the fight against cancer in all its forms.

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lachlan’s progress

wee Lachlan been on his cushing meds for 2 weeks now ..he is feeling a bit less thirsty now???? he has stopped panting and now sleeping all night ….snoring in fact . They are all missing their old friend Matt though????